Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #8

04-06-13 Roundup - I love spreadsheets

I love the first week of the month! Why? Because I get to do my monthly Lending Club and passive income updates! Of all the posts I write, the geeky numbers guy in me has a field day with these! Any time I can dip my feet into the land of spreadsheets, investments, and numbers I get giddy. I am the … [Read more...]

Proofreading Will Be The Death of Me!


No seriously, proofreading sucks. I am a numbers guy at heart. Give me a spreadsheet and I will be a happy and contented man. I even have t-shirts that tout my love for Excel. But I digress; writing itself isn’t always a struggle for me, but the associated proofreading and editing of that writing? … [Read more...]