Bonus Coverage: My Dividend Growth Portfolio

Bonus Coverage - My Dividend Growth Portfolio - Notepad

Offline I keep close track of all of my investments, probably in more detail than one should, but for whatever reason I love mapping out and visualizing my progress in creating passive income streams. One benefit of this level of tracking is a clear snapshot of where I’m currently projected to be, … [Read more...]

Declined: Credit Card Use Banned at Loyal3

Declined - Credit Card Use Banned at Loyal3 - Credit Cards

Loyal3 will be completely stopping the use of credit cards by the middle of December. Ultimately, I knew it was only a matter of time. Too many people were arbitraging the system and making too much in rewards for it not to happen. Is this where we ask something like, "why can't we just have nice … [Read more...]

Wait, More Spreadsheets? Hello, Dividend Growth Portfolio

Dividend Growth Portfolio - The Road Ahead

Just last week I introduced my 2014 Dividend Calendar, a new spreadsheet and page shared to show in a snapshot the dividends I've earned, and the dividends I am projecting to earn for the calendar year. It will be rolled forward each year and allow me a nice visual snapshot of each year’s activity, … [Read more...]

Introducing the 2014 Dividend Calendar

2014 Dividend Calendar - Spready the Spreadsheet

I am a passionate person. There are two things I am particularly passionate about. Investing and Spreadsheets. A third being my wife. This is the culmination of when those first two passions combine. (Ed. Note: My wife reminded me that I forgot a passion on the first draft!) The beautiful thing … [Read more...]

Snowball City – Loyal3 Dividends

Snowball City- Loyal3 Dividends - Snowball Fight

For those who don’t know, Loyal3 is a newer brokerage service offering investors the chance to purchase stocks commission free with as little as $10 per share, using cash, linked checking/savings accounts, or credit cards. For savvy investors, this has presented an opportunity to juice returns by … [Read more...]

Goal Setting – A Look at Forward 12-Month Dividends

Goal Setting - Forward 12-Month Dividends - Up and to the right

I am of the opinion it isn’t enough to just set goals, but to track progress towards those goals, holding yourself accountable. Since starting WYOR, I’ve set goals three times, and have, albeit late at some points, publicly tracked my progress towards those goals. While public accountability is … [Read more...]

Truly Passive Investing in P2P Lending: Lend Academy Investments

Truly Passive Investing in P2P Lending - Lend Academy Investments Logo

Over the past year, many retail investors have felt frozen out as the competition for notes has increased drastically in both Lending Club and Prosper. As both companies have strived to obtain institutional investments as they push for profitability and growth, the ability for individual investors … [Read more...]

Building a No-Cost Dividend Growth Portfolio with Loyal3

No-Cost Portfolio with Loyal3 - Loyal3 Homepage

One of the common challenges dividend growth investors face is the ability to purchase positions in cost-effective batches. Of course, your cost per transaction will vary based on which brokerage you use to invest through. For me, my two accounts with which I invest in my dividend growth portfolio … [Read more...]

WFC Employees BANNED from Peer to Peer Lending

Employees Banned from investing in peer to peer lending - Banned Sign

I saw this post by Peter Renton at Lend Academy and thought it was something to be shared with those folks who may not have seen it. Wells Fargo has banned their employees from investing in peer to peer lending as it represents a conflict of interest. As peer to peer lending has grown it is … [Read more...]

Want to Start An Investment Club – Investing Decisions and Rewards

04-26-13 Investment Club - Rewards - Monopoly Money

This is the third and final post of a three part series discussing Investment Clubs, their formation, and operational realities. Part one discussed starting an investment club and picking the right group, while part two discussed investment club organization and administration. Be sure to check them … [Read more...]