2013 Goals!

2013 Financial Goals  - Crossing the finish line

My passive income goals for 2013 are based on my investments in a dividend growth portfolio and two peer-to-peer lending accounts with Lending Club. The below goals are a modification from my original goals as I have slightly changed my direction and am increasing the overall numbers for the remaining areas. Challenge yourself and you will succeed!

Lending Club – Net Interest of $1,600

This goal will give me a greater than an 11% real return on my two Lending Club accounts and single Prosper account. Considering I had a substantial amount of cash drag in the beginning of the year, and the waves of defaults haven’t really started, this will be a tough goal to achieve. To break this goal down even further, I am anticipating trying to hit $1,480 in net interest income from Lending Club and $120 in net interest from Prosper. As a further note, the net return is net of all fees collected on payments and any charge-offs or defaults of notes in the account. Additionally, all repayments will be reinvested into additional loans throughout the year.

Dividends – Total Dividends of $1,000

Having not previously set, analyzed, and pursued a dividend income goal with my investments I ended up low-balling my original dividend income goal. Having made a few more investments since I originally set the goal, and a commitment to growing my dividend base I decided this goal was going to be a stretch, but with some luck, and additional investments, I should be able to get close. At this time, I am only going to include my Roth IRA and taxable dividend portfolio-specific accounts in these calculations. My 401(k) and other investment accounts will be maintained separately at this time.

Total Passive Income

In total, I am hoping to hit the $2,600 mark in passive income from these investments. I will be updating my progress on these goals on a monthly basis. Please find my progress year-to-date below (note the first five months are being calculated on my original 2013 passive income goals):

Passive Income (PI)
2013 Running
PI Total
Percent of
2013 Goal
January Update
February Update
March Update
April Update
May Update
Goals Updated
June Update
July Update
August Update
September Update
October Update
November Update
December Update

To get a different look on how my passive income is continuing to grow in 2013, check out the chart below:

2013 Passive Income by Month - December

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