Milestones and Memories, Passion and Determination

Milestones and Memories - Passion and Determination - Mile Marker

This has been a big week for me in terms of milestones. No, no, I’m not loaded with passive income or hit a monthly income mark. And while I’m thrilled the Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl, that isn’t really what I’m here to talk about. Earlier this week, I turned 30. Today, Write Your Own … [Read more...]

When life hands you a beautiful girl… marry her!

Back and Married - Flowers

Over the last few months, while I've been conspicuously absent in the blogosphere, my investing and pursuit of happiness has certainly not changed course. During my online absence, I married a stunningly beautiful girl who (surprisingly) can tolerate, and even appreciate, my quirks and poor humor. … [Read more...]

It Ain’t Just Money – Goals for 2014

2014 Blog and Income Goals - Prefontaine

Now that I’ve closed the book on 2013 and managed to squeak by and hit my 2013 goals, moving forward to 2014 is important (we are in February after all). For me, goal setting is an enabler, of course in the most positive way possible. Goal setting helps feed my addiction for investment analysis and … [Read more...]

Welcome 2014, Goodbye Holiday Siesta

Welcome 2014 Goodbye Holiday Siesta - New Beginnings

Who doesn't love the holidays? The opportunity to enjoy time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. For me the holidays are a tough and somewhat awkward time. I attempt to avoid the materialistic disaster that is the modern-day holiday season, while trying to maximize the relaxation and … [Read more...]

New Here? Let me show you around!

New Here - Welcome

Welcome to Write Your Own Reality (WYOR), my little corner on the internet, where dividend growth, peer to peer lending investments, and some other random financial musings are the soup de jour.  Rental real estate could be considered the oyster crackers of this soup, as a sprinkling of posts mellow … [Read more...]

Alive, Well, and Still Investing!

Passion for Investing

Seems like forever, or just 136 days ago, since I last posted, but the good news is I'm still alive, well, and investing! The beauty of compounding investments is that they continue to work for you while you sleep, while you work, and while you play. There has certainly been some growth in my … [Read more...]

Pardon my 404’s, Site Under Construction!

04-21-13 Pardon my 404s - Site under construction

Hey guys, just a quick note! Switching my theme and the look of my website over the next week starting today. As can be expected with such a change and with a rookie blogger like myself, I'm liable to screw things up! With that being said, I hope the new look helps to make things cleaner and … [Read more...]

Website Hosting: How I Saved Money AND Got Better Service!

Website Hosting - N&B logo

WARNING: If this seems a bit over the top with praise and adulation, that's because it is! I couldn’t be happier with my new website hosting situation! I am such a blogging rookie. If veteran bloggers hazed newbies I’d end up with my head shaved prancing around in a pink tutu. That being said, … [Read more...]

Proofreading Will Be The Death of Me!


No seriously, proofreading sucks. I am a numbers guy at heart. Give me a spreadsheet and I will be a happy and contented man. I even have t-shirts that tout my love for Excel. But I digress; writing itself isn’t always a struggle for me, but the associated proofreading and editing of that writing? … [Read more...]