2014 Dividend Calendar

Below you will find a copy of my 2014 Dividend Calendar. I utilize this calendar as a tool to track my dividends received each period as well as project my future dividends in upcoming months. I will update this throughout the month as I make transactions, receive dividends, and update the dividends received per share. If you see something out of date, please let me know!

I currently hold my dividend growth assets in three separate accounts: a Roth IRA, a standard taxable account, and Loyal3 account. Each portfolio serves a different purpose for me and provides me the opportunity to take advantage of different opportunities. My IRA account allows me to invest in REITs and some foreign companies without concern for additional tax withholding or ordinary income issues. My taxable account will eventually hold the lion’s share of my dividend growth investments as I will put most of my new capital allocated for DG investments into this account. Lastly, my Loyal3 account will become my DRIP account for solid companies like UL, MCD, KO, PEP, and more. Because I can get credit card rewards and leverage no-cost transactions, Loyal3 makes it easy for me to put money to work regularly.  Not to mention a place where one can see how just a little bit of capital each and every month can build an impressive snowball in short fashion.

I currently DRIP shares in my taxable and IRA accounts due to the quantity of dividends received. I discuss the logic behind my DRIP or not to DRIP decision since contributing capital regularly isn’t always possible, so having an appropriate level of dividends per account prior to turning off the DRIP and selectively reinvesting the cash received make sense for me.

Comparing and keeping track of my increase in passive income year over year is important, so at the bottom of the dividend calendar below, you find a comparison to the prior period by month and in total for the entire year. I like to see these numbers as big as possible!

Finally, I keep careful track of my dividend growth portfolio as well as how my forward 12-month dividends look based on acquisitions throughout the year. You can see all that information on my dividend growth portfolio page.

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