Snowball City – Loyal3 Dividends

Snowball City- Loyal3 Dividends - Snowball Fight

For those who don’t know, Loyal3 is a newer brokerage service offering investors the chance to purchase stocks commission free with as little as $10 per share, using cash, linked checking/savings accounts, or credit cards. For savvy investors, this has presented an opportunity to juice returns by … [Read more...]

Passive Income and Pageviews – April 2014 Update

Passive Income and Pageviews - April 2014 - April Showers

While the last four months have been quite the whirlwind, I haven’t stopped investing, nor continuing my pursuit of growing my passive income. Catching up on my missed monthly updates! As a spreadsheet lover, I keep multiple spreadsheets tracking various metrics and other performance aspects of … [Read more...]

When life hands you a beautiful girl… marry her!

Back and Married - Flowers

Over the last few months, while I've been conspicuously absent in the blogosphere, my investing and pursuit of happiness has certainly not changed course. During my online absence, I married a stunningly beautiful girl who (surprisingly) can tolerate, and even appreciate, my quirks and poor humor. … [Read more...]

Passive Income and Pageviews – March 2014 Update

Passive Income and Pageviews - March 2014 Blog Pageviews

Aggressively pursuing the dream of growing a stream of passive income to obtain financial freedom and independence is a joyous pursuit. Part of what makes it so enjoyable is how much I love tracking that growing stream of income! It feels like every month it grows in size and strength as compounding … [Read more...]

Prosper Marketplace – 2014 First Quarter Update

Prosper Marketplace - Main Screen - 2014 First Quarter Update

With any dividend growth portfolio, taking a look at how the income looks on quarterly basis allows you to smooth out the timing trends that are associated with companies that pay their dividends quarterly. With my peer to peer lending accounts (Lending Club and Prosper), there isn’t any set timing … [Read more...]

Lending Club – 2014 First Quarter Update

Lending Club Roth IRA - Main Screen - 2014 First Quarter Update

After a full year of posting monthly Lending Club updates, I decided to pare it back to quarterly. This allows me to write more non-update posts like recent trades, pursuing freedom with wild abandon, and how I’m reporting my Lending Club charged-off loans. But that isn’t to say that these updates … [Read more...]

Goal Setting – A Look at Forward 12-Month Dividends

Goal Setting - Forward 12-Month Dividends - Up and to the right

I am of the opinion it isn’t enough to just set goals, but to track progress towards those goals, holding yourself accountable. Since starting WYOR, I’ve set goals three times, and have, albeit late at some points, publicly tracked my progress towards those goals. While public accountability is … [Read more...]

Trades – No-Cost Dividend Growth Portfolio Purchases: KO and UL

Trades – No-Cost Dividend Growth Portfolio Purchases - KO and UL - Stacks of Lumber

As each month goes by, I am getting more and more excited about my dividend growth portfolio with Loyal3. There are plenty of solid options for a dividend growth investor and the ability to invest with as little as $10 per transaction with NO transaction costs is pretty awesome. Given such a low … [Read more...]

How I Report My Lending Club Charged-Off Loans

How I Report My Lending Club Charged-Off Loans - Blank Form 8949

One of the most confusing parts of peer to peer lending since its inception is the tax reporting of income and losses, especially the charged-off loans we all experience. While I am certainly not a tax expert, I would like to share how I am reporting my charged-offs loans with Lending Club on my … [Read more...]

Freedom – Best Pursued with Wild Abandon

Freedom - Best Pursued With Wild Abandon - Jump for Joy

Too often in the personal finance community, there are those that battle over what it means to be retired. For some reason people can’t rationalize or comprehend that at the end of the day, the title of being retired, whether early or not, whether voluntarily still working or not, does not matter. … [Read more...]