Slow Down To Speed Up

Slow Down to Speed Up - Beach View

Whew, sometimes a nice little vacation is all it takes to recharge the batteries, enjoy the company of a loved one, and realize that this life is truly worth living. As we each strive for financial independence, regardless of the path we take to get there, it is the small breaks from the grind that … [Read more...]

Freedom – Best Pursued with Wild Abandon

Freedom - Best Pursued With Wild Abandon - Jump for Joy

Too often in the personal finance community, there are those that battle over what it means to be retired. For some reason people can’t rationalize or comprehend that at the end of the day, the title of being retired, whether early or not, whether voluntarily still working or not, does not matter. … [Read more...]

The Right Job – Turning Down a 30% Raise

03-25-13 Right Job - Turning Down a Pay Raise

Would you turn down a 30% pay raise? At the end of last month I did just that when I turned down an offer with an incredible pay raise to go to another firm. Why the hell would I do such a thing? Was this the right decision? How do you know which job is the right job? Here’s what happened: At the … [Read more...]

Savings Accounts – Why DON’T You Have One?

Savings Accounts - Why Don't You Have One?

Nothing is more frustrating than the disappointing financial knowledge people here in the United States have when it comes to the basics. While it is easy to blame the ignorance of the individual, I believe this is more systematic than anything else. We have the poor combination of a terrible … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Job

Garmish - Finding the Right Job

Financial stability prior to achieving financial independence is imperative. Stability can be found by living with intentional frugality, saving diligently, and having a steady, consistent income. For most of us, this income comes not from our investments, but from our day jobs. While most people … [Read more...]

Write Your Own Reality – The Start

Who am I? As a 28-year-old (yikes!) who has stumbled his way through life thus far, finding a means to consistently track my path towards financial redemption, prosperity, and ultimately independence, has led me to create this blog. You see, I love investing. It occupies my mind constantly. Be … [Read more...]