Proofreading Will Be The Death of Me!


No seriously, proofreading sucks. I am a numbers guy at heart. Give me a spreadsheet and I will be a happy and contented man. I even have t-shirts that tout my love for Excel. But I digress; writing itself isn’t always a struggle for me, but the associated proofreading and editing of that writing? Yikes.

Yesterday this hit home in two very different and impactful ways. The first was from reading one of the many successful personal finances blogs out there, and the second was a very embarrassing discussion with my unlucky proofreader-in-chief, aka my girlfriend.

Why Your Blog Sucks

As I was perusing the blogosphere yesterday morning I stumbled across a post by Lauren Rowling, of L Bee and the Money Tree. Lauren wrote a fantastic post about Why Your Blog Sucks. As a newbie who makes blogging rookies look like grizzled veterans, it was a stark and quick realization that just posting great content isn’t enough. Content not only has to kick-ass, but has to be written in a manner that allows your target audience to understand your point and make sense of the message you are attempting to convey! Get back to your high school English basics and proofread your epic content. Thanks for that well written reminder Lauren!

Find A Blogging Buddy

A blogging buddy? Yeah, a blogging buddy. This is someone who can be relied upon to back you up, read your published and unpublished content, and proofread the snot out of it. How has this helped me? Well last night, after taking some time to review a few of my recent posts, my truly amazing girlfriend gave me the 4-1-1 on my lack of proofreading. The result was carnage, tremendous embarrassment, and an ungodly amount of red ink. Bottom line, I SUCK at proofreading my own content. For a couple of hours last night I corrected and fixed many of my recent posts. Apparently the thoughts that flow from my head to the computer screen never work out quite as well as I might imagine. Not to mention I’m a bit delinquent when it comes to going back and rereading my own posts!

You might be thinking, “I’m an awesome writer and self-editor! Why would I need a blogging buddy?” Because we all make mistakes! Find ways to eliminate or reduce your mistakes, and keep working at improving. A blogging buddy is a great way to help identify those areas of weakness within your blog or writing.

I am certainly not perfect, nor do I ever envision getting close, especially with my writing. In my pursuit of improvement, I’m all but guaranteed to empty my brownie point account held in the Bank of Girlfriend. Here’s to many more dinners deposits to the Bank!

Are you improving as a writer? What tips do you have?

Big thanks to Lauren for her motivating post, and a special hat tip to my fantastic girlfriend for reading my digital chicken scratch and putting up with my barely there literacy.

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  1. I understand your struggles! When I first started out I had no proofreader, not even myself. Eventually, my father complained about my grammar enough that I began sending him my articles before posting them. After a while I found a girlfriend that liked to edit and I promptly promoted her to the position. Unfortunately, her editing was not enough to keep the relationship together. Now I am forced to do my own editing. Interestingly enough, my father has not complained about my grammar once (he might be trying to dodge reappointment).

    • Haha that is a definite possiblity with your father Shaun! I am quite thankful that my girlfriend went back and gave my posts her critical eye. It was quite eye-opening and utterly revealing!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Wow, I can totally relate. Often, I”ll write a post weeks before it’s published. I read it over at least 10 times and I’ll be feeling all good about it. Then, the wife gets her paws on it and points out like 50 errors. Bleh.

  3. Sometimes we get so invested in our own words that we cannot see errors in our work. Always good to have another pair of eyes

  4. I need to get better at this. While, I do proof-read. I’m not the best at it.

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