Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #7

03-30-13 Round Up #4 - Peeps

I had a great week, starting with the refinance of my rental property, and hope you had a wonderful one as well! Of course tomorrow is Easter and a great opportunity to spend some time with family. I've rolled out a new format for my end-of-quarter roundup. For the last roundup of the quarter, in … [Read more...]

The Right Job – Turning Down a 30% Raise

03-25-13 Right Job - Turning Down a Pay Raise

Would you turn down a 30% pay raise? At the end of last month I did just that when I turned down an offer with an incredible pay raise to go to another firm. Why the hell would I do such a thing? Was this the right decision? How do you know which job is the right job? Here’s what happened: At the … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Job

Garmish - Finding the Right Job

Financial stability prior to achieving financial independence is imperative. Stability can be found by living with intentional frugality, saving diligently, and having a steady, consistent income. For most of us, this income comes not from our investments, but from our day jobs. While most people … [Read more...]