Real Estate – Raising the Rent

Real Estate - Raising the Rent - For Rent

Dealing with an unintentional rental is no fun. Let me be the first to say that a negative cash flow is never an ideal situation, no matter how much the short-term tax benefits or principal pay-off reverse the financial pain. That being said, when I refinanced this past spring, my monthly cash flow … [Read more...]

Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #10

04-20-13 Roundup - Warsaw

Tax season ended this week, so for all the accountants out there, welcome back to normalcy. My girlfriend happens to be in public accounting so I am definitely looking forward to spending more time with her now that she no longer has late nights and weekend hours! Is anyone else grateful for the … [Read more...]

Real Estate – Refinancing My Rental Property

03-29-13 Real Estate - Refinancing My Rental Property

Real estate as an investment has been a hot topic for debate after the bubble and corresponding crash from a few years ago.  While I can understand the uncertainty and fear that comes with real estate after so much turmoil, I believe real estate is a vital piece of long-term wealth development. A … [Read more...]

Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #2

02-23-13 Roundup - Sardinia

What a busy week! With the work week being shortened by President’s Day, things were a bit crazier than normal. That being said, I would like to develop a groove in writing posts, as well as develop my “voice” as an author. I know I’m not quite there and just need more practice! I am looking forward … [Read more...]

Real Estate – My Unintentional Rental Property

For Rent - Unintential Rental Real Estate

I currently own a beautiful, three-story, three-bedroom, three and a half bath townhouse in a different state (not pictured). I rent this house out for $1,375 per month and have been renting the house for four years at the end of this coming summer. However fantastic as all that sounds, the house … [Read more...]