Lending Club – February 2013 Update

Lending Club - Taxable

Each month, I plan on updating my Lending Club investments in both my taxable and Roth IRA accounts. In the last month, I have continued to invest my $10,000 rollover contribution in my IRA account and work to become fully invested in notes. … [Read more...]

Trades – Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) Purchase

Even with the markets having a record-breaking day, I pulled the trigger on a purchase of Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI). I purchased 55 shares for $2,060.85, including transaction fees, giving me a cost basis of $37.47 per share. This purchase gives me an additional $81.40 in annual dividends, … [Read more...]

Trades – INTC Put – Bought-to-Close

Over the last 10 days, Intel Corporation has seen some strong gains, gaining about $0.80, or just under 4%, during that time frame (including today). As a result, the January 18th, 2014 put I sold had dropped significantly in value affording me a too attractive opportunity to lock in some profits. I … [Read more...]

Lending Club – Tracking My Taxable Account

As I mentioned in my initial peer-to-peer lending post, my first Lending Club investment, a taxable account, was opened in the spring of 2009. Having held this investment for almost four years, I have recently been at a crossroads with what to do with this account. Last fall, I made the decision to … [Read more...]

Trades – Purchased SWY Put, Sold INTC Put and Covered Call

Over the last couple of days, the market has seen a pull back, creating some extra volatility. In addition to that volatility, Safeway saw a big jump in share price with a very positive earnings announcement. Simultaneously, the markets continue to punish INTC, keeping their price just above 52-week … [Read more...]

To DRIP, or not to DRIP, that is the question…

To DRIP or not to DRIP - DRIP Investing

Ah, the joys of dividend investing. Every month/quarter/year you receive a return on your investment in the form of a dividend payment. For some people, this is a pretty substantial amount of money, and for others, like myself, this has yet to reach a significant level of income. From reading and … [Read more...]

Option Expiration and Assignment – INTC and CSCO

On Friday, February 16, 2013, two of my outstanding options hit their expiration date, with one expiring with no action, and the other being assigned. Intel Corporation (INTC) – Covered Call Intel Corporation closed on Friday at $21.12, and with a strike price of $22.00, my option expired. As I … [Read more...]

Brokerage Comparison – Basic Options Trading Costs

In my first options post I detailed the cost of my first options trade: a $9.71 fee for an INTC covered call with a total premium of $26, netting me a $16.29 premium. Wow! Just over 37% of my entire premium eaten by trading costs! Naturally, once realizing that I would be doing some more options … [Read more...]

Trades – Safeway Inc (SWY) Put


The morning of February 11, 2013, I sold one put contract for Safeway, Inc. (SWY). As a dividend challenger, my expectation is that SWY will continue to maintain or increase their payout, and have the room to do so. Safeway currently has a payout ratio of less than 40%. With a quarterly dividend of … [Read more...]

Trades – Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) Put


Just before the end of close on Friday, February 8, 2013, I sold my first put, selling one contract for Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO). With all of my options trades, I only make them if I desire to own the underlying position, with CSCO being a company I desire to hold long-term. Without a long … [Read more...]