Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #6

03-23-13 Round up #6 - John Muir Trail

This week I had my first experience with someone spamming my site. Not sure what prompts people to attempt to overload a site as new and relatively limited as mine. The only lingering negative to the experience is that I can’t look at my website’s stats quite the same. When you are just starting to … [Read more...]

Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #5

03-16-13 Round up #5 - Prague

Well, it is the tax return edition! (Pictured: Taxes... are death?) No, this doesn't mean every post deals with taxes, just that today I am helping my two brothers with their tax returns and will be focusing on mine as well. I have a couple of small partnerships to prepare and have finally gotten … [Read more...]