Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #12

02-01-14 Roundup - Beach Freedom

It has been quite a while (last April) since I’ve done a roundup, so I thought it was time to put one together to highlight some of the awesome content that folks out in the blogosphere have been cranking out. As for my own stuff, I am getting awfully close to being back in real-time with my monthly updates, and should be finished sometime in mid-February. This way I can share my 2014 goals and start writing about other things instead of catch up posts!

Some awesome articles I read recently:

Dividend Mantra: Jason has been crushing the awesome posts recently and has put together two posts that really lay out his methodology when investing:

1500 Days: Delay of Gratification Pretzel Experimentation – Mr. 1500 wrote a great story about teaching his daughters the lesson of delayed gratification. While not necessarily investing, this sort of mentality is crucial for those looking to get ahead. By saving and putting aside till tomorrow, financial independence is just a step around the corner.

Dividend Growth Investor: Coca-Cola: A wide-moat dividend growth stock to buy and hold – DGI hits the nail on the head with the sentiments in this post with Coca-Cola (KO) being a core holding for anyone with a dividend growth portfolio. I currently have KO in my portfolio and I plan on it staying there for many years to come.

Shameless self-promotion!

In the land of Write Your Own Reality (WYOR), I may or may not have written anything of quality; however, here are a couple of my favorite posts from the past few weeks:

  • WFC Employees BANNED from Peer to Peer Lending – The times they be a changin’ and peer to peer lending is starting to make some bigger waves in the banking and finance industries.
  • 2013 Lending Club Tax Guide – Lending Club took the time to put together and publish a tax guide for 2013. This is a very welcome and detailed guide for those investing with Lending Club.
Link love! Thanks so much for the links!

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