Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #6

03-23-13 Round up #6 - John Muir Trail

This week I had my first experience with someone spamming my site. Not sure what prompts people to attempt to overload a site as new and relatively limited as mine. The only lingering negative to the experience is that I can’t look at my website’s stats quite the same. When you are just starting to get some regular visits like myself, a couple hundred visits from a spamming nincompoop just throws everything off a little! That, or I might be a bit overly protective at this point.

Some awesome articles I read this week:

Johnny Moneyseed: The Neglected “Secret” to Becoming Rich – Johnny covers the most overlooked and underappreciated facet of financial success. I won’t tell you here, but it is earth-shattering. Read it and weep, or cheer for joy if you’ve discovered the secret!

My Financial Independence Journey: A Brief Primer on Dividend Growth Stocks Part 2: Basic stock screening – Everyone has a stock screening method, and I especially love to read methods that relate to picking stellar dividend growth stocks. MFIJ breaks down the many criteria he looks for when evaluating potential stock picks.

Dividend Mantra: The Three P’s – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance – DM shares a tremendous story about his past struggles and life challenges. His tale is truly inspiring and culminates in his current path of committing and dedicating himself to a plan on becoming financially independent by 40.

1500 Days: Thursday Rant – Why can’t I get through? – Mr. 1500 writes about his experience with advising a young friend of his! Sometimes people just have to make a few mistakes before realizing the consequences of their financial decisions.

Passive Income Pursuit: A Long Term Plan to Continue Giving Back – I’ve often pondered how I can effect change and increase financial awareness in younger people. JC discuss how he and his wife plan to create a scholarship fund that would be funded entirely by dividend growth stocks. I love this idea!

Some phenomenal content out there this week guys! Keep fighting the good fight and aggressively pursuing those dreams!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I don’t see the spam stopping anytime soon. I get a lockout notification at least daily. Watch out for the spam comments too!

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    I’ve also been getting some more spam views/comments but such is life. There’s not really much you can do to combat it without overburdening regular readers.

    Have a great weekend! Ours is starting off nice and dreary.

  3. w2r,

    Thanks for including me in your roundup! Great list of articles there.

    I don’t think I’ve been spammed yet. I get some weird comments here and there, but otherwise things have been humming along nicely. Of course, I did just jinx myself. :)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    Best wishes.

    • Thanks for swinging by DM! I absolutely enjoyed your post, and find that life and the pursuit of success in general can be summed up with the three P’s.

      Glad you haven’t had any spamming issues! Hopefully you didn’t jinx yourself and enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  4. Hi W2R, I really appreciate the mention.

    I’ve noticed that spam seems to grow on a logarithmic scale; a little more success equals a ton more spam. Take it as a deranged compliment from the underbelly of the Internet!

  5. Do you use askimet (not sure about the spelling)? Spam got really bad for me until I turned that on. Now I haven’t gotten a single spam message in months. I don’t know if you already use it or not.

    • I do use askimet and fortunately haven’t had any issues with spam in that regard. Because I am not a highly traffic’d blog yet, I was more frustrated with not being able to see how my blog was growing due to all the spam hits on my view counter on that one day. I published a post a couple days later that brought in way more traffic than the spammers, thus finding some redemption!

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