Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #10

04-20-13 Roundup - Warsaw

Tax season ended this week, so for all the accountants out there, welcome back to normalcy. My girlfriend happens to be in public accounting so I am definitely looking forward to spending more time with her now that she no longer has late nights and weekend hours! Is anyone else grateful for the latest tax season ending?

As an aside, ten weeks has gone by crazy fast as I am already at my tenth roundup!

Some awesome articles I read this week:

Get Financially Integrated: Retire by 40: What’s wrong with this goal? – Two weeks in a row for the Integrator! Extremely early retirement is a topic sure to spark significant controversy, even within the personal finance world. Integrator examines some of the pros and cons of early retirement, and how he views and targets his investment efforts. Integrator and I share similar views by desiring is to cover life’s expenses with passive income so that we have the flexibility to work and live as we wish.

Mr. 1500/Johnny Moneyseed: Would you rather work 1920 hours per year or 8? – A guess post by Mr. 1500 of 1500days at Johnny Moneyseed discusses how eye-opening 2012 was for him financially. During 2012 he saw his investments post gains that were more than his full-time job. Given that success and a subsequent conversation with his wife, Mr. 1500 realized how having your money work for you is a far better scenario than you working for your money! Couldn’t agree more!

Live the New Economy: Go Big or Go Home: Let the Lending Club vs. Prosper Battle Begin! – Mike at LTNE shares his upcoming experiment with both Lending Club and Prosper! As a huge fan of peer-to-peer lending, I wholeheartedly support this battle and can’t wait to see Mike’s results!

Afford Anything: The Last House I Didn’t Buy… – The pain and frustration of short sales. Six months after going under contract on a short sale home, the house was foreclosed and sold to another buyer. Nothing says be leery of banks than a house ripped right from under your noses!

That’s it for this week! Some fantastic articles by a few of the many awesome PF publishers! Keep on trucking this next week and aggressively pursue those dreams!

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  1. Thanks for the mention W2R! Lets keep pushing for the early retirement/ financial independence irrespective of what others say!

  2. Thanks — ah, the pain of short sales!! At least it entertains people!!

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