Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #9

04-13-13 Roundup - Maryland Loch Raven

Wow, the past week has been pretty eventful! As the weather has warming up, it has been nice over the last couple of weeks to get outside. I am a member a few slow pitch softball teams and this past week the spring seasons have started. In addition to all the outdoor activities, this week was just pretty crazy on the personal and blog front. I had planned on posting a review of my new hosting arrangement, but that had to get pushed back to next week as things filled up! You can look forward to reading about that this coming week!

Some awesome articles I read this week:

Get Financially Integrated: Are You Wealthy? – Ever see those old ING commercials where people would walk around carrying their “number?” Unfortunately, with the propagation of the 4% withdrawal rate, people have only thought about wealth as a number to shoot for in the hopes that it will “work out.” To me, wealth isn’t having a million dollars in the bank, and this is exactly what Integrator is talking about in his post.

My Financial Independence Journey: A Primer on Margin Accounts – Ever wondered about the basics of a margin account? MFIJ not only covers the basics, but lays out exceptionally well the risks associated with purchasing stocks on margin. Personally, straight margin is much too risky for me, however I believe it holds a value in a naked put strategy when looking to acquire solid companies at a nice discount.

Dividend Mantra: Why I Vastly Prefer Dividend Growth Investing To Index Investing – DM writes a great piece comparing dividend growth investing and investing via index funds. When comparing a comparable index fund (VIG) with a dividend growth strategy, the biggest difference for me is the overall savings on expenses when directly investing. While I plan on fully developing a DG portfolio to provide a stream of passive income, I also will be looking for a bit of diversification through various funds and individual holdings.

Peer-to-peer lending updates: This was a big week for Lending Club and Prosper investment updates as it was the end of the quarter. Be sure to check out the following folks and see how peer-to-peer lending is working for them:

Hope everyone else has had a great week! I know I absolutely loved reading some of the great personal finance articles out there as people continue to aggressively pursue their dreams!

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