Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #4

03-09-13 Round up #4 - John Muir Trail

Wow, the days seem to be getting shorter, and the blogging more and more addicting (see Brick by Brick Investing’s article below). I hope everyone enjoyed their first full week of March! With warmer weather around the corner, I am really looking forward to getting outside and enjoying some physical activities!

Some awesome articles I read this week:

Passive Income Pursuit: Margin of Safety with Financial Independence – Great article talking about how JC plans on developing a margin of safety after reaching financial independence.

Financial Samurai: Cheap Health Insurance Options For The Unemployed, Self-Employed, Or Early Retiree – The title says it all; Sam examines health insurance options for those without regular employer provided health insurance plans. Health insurance is way too important in our world of insane medical costs to not have coverage! Check it out!

Lend Academy: The 2013 Lending Club and Prosper Tax Guide – Peter breaks down the basic definitions and reporting behind both peer-to-peer lender’s tax forms. While Peter did his best to get the best answers from both companies, there are some inconsistencies with tax law that one reader addresses here on the Lend Academy forums.

Brick by Brick Investing: How Much Is Too Much? – Marvin is addicted to his blog and blogging; I can’t even begin to describe how much I can relate to some of the feelings he expresses in this article.

Excess Return: How To Start A Dividend Reinvesting Program – Darnell discussing the different ways a new investor can start DRIP portfolio. It is never too late to start!

Link love! Thanks so much for the link!

Get Financially Intergrated: Thanks for mentioning me in your Mid Week Money: PF Blog Round Up!

I want to also thank all those who have commented and participated in the blog this week; that support is really appreciated and encouraging!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! It’s fun to read more financial independence type articles. Sam

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