Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #3

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March is here! And February was an incredible month! During February I was able to launch this blog, turned 28, and am starting to get into the rhythm of writing and investing! Hope your short month was just as successful!

Some awesome articles I read this week, with a peer-to-peer lending theme:

1500 Days to Freedom: Lending Club Update #2 – Mr. 1500 updates his Lending Club portfolio with details his first default, and the need for diversification when investing in peer-to-peer lending.

Lend Academy: Taking a Closer Look at Lending Club’s Underwriting Changes – Lending Club has recently changed their underwriting to allow more borrowers to qualify for loans. This is a business friendly move for them, and somewhat a topic of debate for “hobbyist” investors. Be sure to read the comments below the post for some extra insight and inputs.

Financial Samurai: Tips For Borrowers Of Peer-To-Peer Lending: Insights From A P2P Investor – Since starting his investments in Prosper, Sam has noticed some ways borrowers might be able to improve their ability to attract investors beyond the numbers in their credit report.

Random Thoughts: Lending Club Loans – Defaults with Loan Age, Part One and Part Two – Anil analyzes and discusses the number of loan defaults by age and the overall significance on the portfolio.

Unfortunately I am not able to link to the more controversial peer-to-peer lending post discussing a perceived bias against borrowers from a race perspective. Fortunately, this incredibly distasteful, grossly out-of-date, and irresponsibly inaccurate article was removed after the negative feedback they received. Good showing by the peer-to-peer lending community. Peter, from Lend Academy, led the charge on this response.

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thefreefinancialadvisor: Thanks for mentioning me in your Read-Along!

I want to also thank all those who have commented; those comments are much appreciated and encouraging!

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