Passive Income – January 2013 Update

For my first month of tracking, January was a pretty low month for passive income.

2013 Goal
Percentage of
Annual Goal
LC - Net Interest
Options Trading

Lending Club: As my Roth IRA continues to get fully invested, I expect to see the net interest number really grow. With an average interest rate of 18.62% at the end of January, I hope to receive between $125-150 in interest per month once fully invested. As a final note, net interest is calculated by taking the interest earned less any charge-offs, defaults, and service fees in the given period.

Dividends/Trading Income: Received dividends from PSEC, and didn’t have any options expire in January. I should have a more exciting month to report after the end of February.

You can find details on all of my equity investments under the Investments page, peer-to-peer investments under the Lending Club page, monthly updates under the Passive Income Updates page, and progress on my 2013 goals on the Goals page.

How did your investments do in January?

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