Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #8

04-06-13 Roundup - I love spreadsheets

I love the first week of the month! Why? Because I get to do my monthly Lending Club and passive income updates! Of all the posts I write, the geeky numbers guy in me has a field day with these! Any time I can dip my feet into the land of spreadsheets, investments, and numbers I get giddy. I am the … [Read more...]

Passive Income – March 2013 Update

04-05-13 Passive Income Update - Evergreen Growth

With March come and gone, it is time for my monthly passive income update. One of my primary reasons for starting this blog was to have a quasi-permanent record of my pursuit of creating passive income with my investments. March was a really good month on a whole, and I expect this passive income … [Read more...]

Lending Club – March 2013 Update

04-03-13 Lending Club IRA - Main Screen

Each month I plan on updating my Lending Club investments in both my taxable and Roth IRA accounts. Over the course of March, I was able to get another couple thousand invested in my Roth IRA account. As I get closer to reaching full investment in this account, things will transition to maintaining … [Read more...]

Aggressively Pursuing A Dream, the Roundup #7

03-30-13 Round Up #4 - Peeps

I had a great week, starting with the refinance of my rental property, and hope you had a wonderful one as well! Of course tomorrow is Easter and a great opportunity to spend some time with family. I've rolled out a new format for my end-of-quarter roundup. For the last roundup of the quarter, in … [Read more...]

Real Estate – Refinancing My Rental Property

03-29-13 Real Estate - Refinancing My Rental Property

Real estate as an investment has been a hot topic for debate after the bubble and corresponding crash from a few years ago.  While I can understand the uncertainty and fear that comes with real estate after so much turmoil, I believe real estate is a vital piece of long-term wealth development. A … [Read more...]

The Right Job – Turning Down a 30% Raise

03-25-13 Right Job - Turning Down a Pay Raise

Would you turn down a 30% pay raise? At the end of last month I did just that when I turned down an offer with an incredible pay raise to go to another firm. Why the hell would I do such a thing? Was this the right decision? How do you know which job is the right job? Here’s what happened: At the … [Read more...]

Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #6

03-23-13 Round up #6 - John Muir Trail

This week I had my first experience with someone spamming my site. Not sure what prompts people to attempt to overload a site as new and relatively limited as mine. The only lingering negative to the experience is that I can’t look at my website’s stats quite the same. When you are just starting to … [Read more...]

Proofreading Will Be The Death of Me!


No seriously, proofreading sucks. I am a numbers guy at heart. Give me a spreadsheet and I will be a happy and contented man. I even have t-shirts that tout my love for Excel. But I digress; writing itself isn’t always a struggle for me, but the associated proofreading and editing of that writing? … [Read more...]

Trades – Aflac, Inc. (AFL) Purchase

Aflac - Logo

After watching and reviewing Aflac, Inc. (AFL) for the past month and a half, today I purchased 30 shares for $1,501.65, including transaction fees, giving me a cost basis of $50.06 per share. This purchase gives me an additional $42.00 in annual dividends, increasing my projected forward 12-month … [Read more...]

Aggressively Pursuing a Dream, the Roundup #5

03-16-13 Round up #5 - Prague

Well, it is the tax return edition! (Pictured: Taxes... are death?) No, this doesn't mean every post deals with taxes, just that today I am helping my two brothers with their tax returns and will be focusing on mine as well. I have a couple of small partnerships to prepare and have finally gotten … [Read more...]