Welcome 2014, Goodbye Holiday Siesta

Welcome 2014 Goodbye Holiday Siesta - New Beginnings

Who doesn’t love the holidays? The opportunity to enjoy time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. For me the holidays are a tough and somewhat awkward time. I attempt to avoid the materialistic disaster that is the modern-day holiday season, while trying to maximize the relaxation and enjoyment found in the sharing of memories and time off of work.

With all that now over, and having enjoyed a brief break from blogging and other work related adventures, it is time to buckle back down and focus on tracking my journey to develop passive income. I have a few more months of 2013 to finish catching up on and posting, then I will focus on my 2014 passive income goals. If you’re interested in seeing where I stand in my 2013 goals as I continue to update them, check out my Goals page. It should be exciting to continue to track my dividend growth and peer to peer lending investments (Prosper and Lending Club) and enjoy the compounding each year brings.

Something I started doing more of in the second part of 2013 was networking with some of the other great bloggers out there. I look forward to continuing to do this in 2014 as I strive to further my investments and learn and absorb as much as I can from others in the personal finance and investment communities.

For those more interested in the peer to peer lending space, I believe 2014 will be a ground breaking year. I would anticipate Lending Club going public this year. What this means is individuals who haven’t been able to directly invest due to state limitations, will now be able to invest once Lending Club is a publicly traded company.

I should also note that I am sneaking up on my one year blogging anniversary, although I should probably slap an asterisk on there somewhere after my four month long summer hiatus. Bloggers seem to drop like flies over the course of the first couple of years of blogging. I know I’ve certainly gone through my own breaks from posting, so it will be good to cross that landmark and know I’m still investing, writing, and posting.

So Happy New Years to everyone out there. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and have found a renewed focus on developing passive income streams and delving into the world of investing.

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  1. Happy New Years to you too! I’m looking forward to your 2014 goals? I posted mine today, so it’s not like I’m rushing you. Hope your holidays were great!

    • The holidays were great and I am excited about 2014 as well. Once I get caught up on 2013 I’ll post my 2014 goals. It just so happened that 2013 ended up on a really high note, so 2014 should be great as well.

      Thanks for stopping by Bryan!

  2. Happy New Year’s and welcome back! I hope you have a great 2014.

  3. WYOR,
    Felt good to take some time away from the blog this holiday like you, but good to see everyone back. A LC IPO would be a big deal for P2P. I’m also curious if they’ll start lending to small business or other types of lending. Have a great 2014.

    • I agree, it is good to be back! LC will have their IPO in 2014, sooner rather than later. As for the small business lending, they are already in development on that as we speak. 2014 will be yet another big year for the P2P lending space.

      Thanks for stopping by RBD!

  4. Integrator@financiallyintegrated.com says:

    Happy NY, W2R. Looking forward to seeing what you’re aiming to accomplish for the new year.!

    • Thanks Integrator! This coming year is shaping up to be a good one, so I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress in both a public sense, my blogged about investments, and other things as well.

  5. brickbybrickinvesting2012 says:

    Happy New Year to you!! Don’t feel bad about the hiatus, I took one as well.

  6. W2R,

    Looking forward to seeing your goals and for you to be back posting in real time (hurry up! ). Yeah I have seen many blogs come to an end. It’s difficult coming up with new content all the time. And the pay usually stinks if one does it for money! Hardly worth the effort at that point.

    I just write posts about the stocks I’m buying. I don’t understand why people even bother visiting my site!


    • I am eager to be caught up as well! The pay certainly isn’t great unless you start to get to the size of Dividend Mantra, where you can earn several hundred bucks a month.

      On that note, why do I bother visiting your site? Perhaps I should just quit now? ;)

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