Who am I?

About - Who am I - Question MarkAs a 30-year-old (yikes! Fourth decade of life anyone?) who has stumbled his way through life thus far, finding a means to consistently track my path towards financial redemption, prosperity, and ultimately independence, has led me to create this blog.

You see, I love investing. It occupies my mind constantly. Be it business ideas, stocks, peer-to-peer lending, or real estate, I find myself desiring more and more knowledge. Yet most of this love is tempered in action by a lack of capital and resources due to a few mistakes I’ve made in the adult years of my life. I plan on overcoming and pushing past the challenges I’ve experienced in my life and moving forward into prosperity. Financial independence and success isn’t something that comes overnight, but is instead a process that takes years. Taking full advantage of my future compounding, and diving in, full steam ahead, is the only way I will overcome these obstacles, and take control over my own financial future.

My Path

My financial journey started out well enough. I graduated early from college with an accounting degree in the fall of 2006, and began full-time employment immediately upon graduation. Sharing a two bedroom apartment with my best friend, I earnestly began to save money. Things were going very well. However, during that following year, the wheels started to come off the bus.

In an effort to hit all the “check boxes” I got married, bought a brand new house, and proceeded to fall into financial difficulties. Fast forwarding a few years, my marriage ended, I was stuck with a seriously underwater home, living in the next state over, and trying to put back the financial pieces. A year later, and at the end of the spring, of 2012, after starting to get things headed back in the right direction, I lost my job, followed by a car accident, and finally my long-term tenants moved out leaving my still underwater house vacant. Naturally, this did not have a positive effect on my savings.

My Future

That of course brings us to today. I am married to a beautiful, fiscally savvy girl, gainfully employed, re-stocked some money in savings, and more than well on the way towards financial independence! My goal for this blog is to provide me with an outlet for me to discuss some of my investment choices and preferences, tracking my multiple streams of passive income, as well as document other facets of life on my lifelong path into prosperity and success. Today, we will write our own reality.

Disclaimer: I am not an investing professional, and as such, any investments or financial topics discussed on this page are my opinions only, and should not be considered financial advice or recommendations to purchase or sell securities, or any other investments.

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  1. Holy cow, you’ve been through some rough stuff. It sounds like you’ve come through the dark tunnel and are seeing the light on the other end though.

    You have the right ideas going forward and are still young enough so your mistakes won’t destroy your future. It’s never about where you’re from, but where you’re headed. Full speed ahead and no looking back (except to remind yourself of lessons of the past).

    • Tunnel indeed! I am very fortunate to be where I am now considering the ups and downs life has thrown my way. I am very intentional in honoring my past, because without it, I wouldn’t be so driven to succeed in life, relationships, and financial goals.

      Thanks for commenting Mr. 1500!

  2. I like your website, your goals and pursuit for happiness.

  3. Wow, that’s quite a bumpy ride you’ve had. I’m glad things are coming together for you now. I also am constantly thinking about investments and weighing risk/return. I just found your blog, but will check back. Have a great day

    • Bryan, glad you found me and thanks for stopping by! Investing is just something that I can’t take off my mind and I look forward to continuing to explore and expand my knowledge as time goes on.

  4. Love your story mate. What doesn’t kill is makes us stronger!!!

    Thanks for all the accounting tax tips btw on FS. If you ever are up for writing a tax related post on FS to gain exposure, you are more than welcome!


    • Not a problem Sam, and thanks for stopping by! I am happy to be a help! Depreciation is really one of the trickiest parts of the tax code and always has an unintentional consequence if not factored into one’s plans.

  5. Crazy story, man! Sounds like you have done a 180 and are getting your finances straightened up quickly!

    I just saw your passive income update. Looking good! Keep building it up and you’ll have a nice steady stream of income.

    • Definitely a pretty interesting few years of life there for a while. Thankfully things have sorted themselves out and are moving in the right direction!

      I appreciate you stopping by Justin!

  6. Married a very nice (but materialistic) girl at 23. Divorced at 27. That is despite 5 years of dating before marriage. Thought i had it alllll figured out. Funny how people change over time. Everything you say resonates with me. It’s been a fun ride so far and i’m finally seeing the fruits of my labor as i slowly put my life back together.

  7. I jusr read the page. I did not see it when I was browsing in the past. Wow! Lots of stuff in a short time for you a few years ago. Well, hopefully, all the trash has been put to the curb and you will now start to build the life of you and your girl’s dreams. Sometimes those black clouds do have silver linings. Because of some of the trials you experienced, you might appreciate the good that happens in your life all the more. Good luck.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

    • Certainly hit a tough patch for a while, but I’ve recovered, and things are moving forward faster than ever. I am grateful for the lessons learned from that time of my life and am glad to have experienced them, regardless of how difficult they were at times.

      I appreciate your kind words, DD.

  8. Perseverance, this is what I think of when I read your story. You kept on going in the face of many difficulties and no doubt many dark days. I commend you for pushing through to the other side. I’ll be sure to look around some more on your site, but I’m glad to hear you’re doing better and on track. Hope you have a great 2015!

    – HMB

    • Been some sort of a journey, that’s for certain. As I move on the path towards creating a new reality, it is refreshing to know the lessons of the past are what will help guide me forward. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck on your own journey towards financial independence.

  9. You’ve definitely had your share of struggles, but I’m glad to hear that you are moving in the right direction. Wishing you all the best in your path to prosperity and success! Multiple streams of income is definitely the way to go.